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Blades of Glory - medieval shows & educational seminars
blades of glory
Crofton Rod & Gun Mississauga Basketball Champions 1967-68
Crofton Rod & Gun Basketball Team

Gale Lumber Ball Team 1966-1970 O.A.S.A. Champions
Gale Lumber Ball Team

Hastings Marine:
Marine Sales & Service - Outboard Engines, Inboard Engines - Boats / Sales and Rentals
Hastings Marine

Harry's Canada Walk
Walk across Canada with Harry
Harry's Canada Walk

Oshawa Tony's Silver Medal Winners - 1st Canada Summer Games 1969
Oshawa Tony's Ball Team 1969 Canada Games
Sports Teams I Played on - Harry Heydon
Sports Teams I Played on.
Turnstone Geological
Turnstone Geological
Village of Hastings
Hub of The Trent
The Hub of The Trent.

Windsor Dayus Roofers 1932 O.A.S.A. Jr. A Champions
Windsor Dayus Roofers Ball Team
Windsor Ford V8's 1936 Canadian Basketball Champions
Windsor Ford V8 Basketball Team
Windsor Grads 1935 O.R.F.U. Jr. Champions
Windsor Grads Football Team
Windsor Meretsky & Gitlin 1945 O.A.S.A. Sr. A Champions
Windsor M & G Ball Team
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